Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Note: This blog is a work in progress. I will be adding more information as time goes by.


It is not uncommon to have more than one historical life, especially if you have been around a long time...According to spirit, I have been around since the beginning, and even lived on other planets. This explains the many hardships, and lessons I had to overcome in this life, and the fact I feel so very tired...

The reason why I started this search is because I had a rough childhood growing up. I became fascinated by spiritual topics, and read anything I could on reincarnation. My spiritual abilities developed in the paranormal area, and it took off from there. I am not as gifted as other mediums are, but I consider myself a reader of sorts, an empath, and a lightworker. I connect with spirit on a regular basis, and they help me find out what I need to learn in this life. I do not claim any of these lives for attention, and I hope by coming out, and explaining my research will help others come out as well.

Although each life started revealing itself at an early age, I wasn't able to validate them until 2015. I had a lot of growing up to do, and learning to heal was no easy task. One of the most important lessons I learned was that one must have a clear mind before exploring the past, and not be so dependent on psychic mediums. Once I started focusing on my present life and health, everything started to change within... 

Spirit guided me to the past and I was able to use to the internet for validation. I believe the internet is a modern day Akashic library. It is here to help us learn more about reincarnation, as well as other subjects, and help us connect with people from our past lives. No matter how far you live away from that person, your souls will feel an instant connection, much like a magnetic force, if you shared a past life together. 

When uncovering past lives, it is important to keep a journal next to your bed. Write down anything that you remember seeing like dates, names, what were you wearing, and your surroundings, etc. However, do not stress if you can not come up with a name, or a date as they are not as important as the life itself. I have had many dreams and flashbacks that did not show me certain information, but I was still able to heal and move forward from the life that I was shown.

Throughout my years of research, I had used different methods: Meditation, Spirit, Past Life Regression, Dreams, Tarot, Pendulum and Spirit Board. I have also gone to psychics, but have learned that they can pick up the wrong information, or do not give you enough. People will argue about which technique is better, but it is really up to you, and what you feel comfortable with.